Santa Bremor Capelin Smoked Spread #3, 6.35 oz / 180 g

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Santa Bremor

Santa Bremor Capelin Smoked Spread #3 Description

Smoked Flavour Capelin Caviar Spread is produced by Santa Bremor in Belarus, the nearest western neighbour of Russia, and is well known in most countries of Western and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the USA. The product is noted for its outstanding quality and magnificent taste.

The spread is a perfect addition to sandwiches. The preparation is quite simple and does not take much time. You will only need several slices of bread, fresh or toasted, depending on your preferences. To add some new tinge to the appetizer you can use fresh vegetables, for example cucumber and tomato. Besides, it is possible to refresh the sandwich with the help of some greens and spices.

Among the products of the company Smoked Flavour Caviar Spread is famous due to its slight smoked flavour which leaves a savoury aftertaste in the mouth. The ingredients contain 2 sorts of roe, namely capelin and herring roe. The oily pepper extract makes the texture soft and gentle; the caviar practically melts in your mouth. The product is the very popular with Russian people. It is appreciated by the glorious flavour and first-class quality. 

Ingredients: capelin caviar, salt, water, soy oil, mustard mayo, sugar, citric acid, potassium sorbate, beet juce extract.

Santa Bremor Capelin Smoked Spread #3, 6.35 oz / 180 g
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