Smoked Cheese
Smoked Cheese "Gouda", 1 lb / 0.45 kg
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Smoked Cheese
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Smoked Cheese "Gouda", 1 lb / 0.45 kg


Smoked Cheese "Gouda" is a sausage of solid cheese with delicious lightly spicy taste. Smoked Gouda is a bit nuttier tasting than the regular Gouda. Containing 45% butterfat, it’s buttery, creamy and smooth with unforgettable bright taste. Be sure to enjoy it at room temperature and it will literally melt on your tongue. 

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It was fresh,soft and I was glad that I bougt 1kg. I will have my ALEF salami and a piece of SMOKE cheese GOUDA for my sandwich on thin slice of PANERA whole grain bread with my black tea or coffee for my short break.

Cheese everyone!

Очень хороший! Оценка 5

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