Smart Morning Face and Neck Cream 3 in 1 for All Skin Types, 1.69 oz/ 50 Ml

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What would you prefer today - only to eat or just drink? The answer is obvious: for health and beauty, we need both water and food. And our skin needs in nutrition and moisture That is why the Institute of CLEAN LINE created unique "smart creams 3v1 ." Smart" formula provides skin creams nutrition and hydration in the required amount in an accessible form. And only then begin to work as efficiently as natural regeneration ingredients.

1. Camomile water - hydration and freshness Deeply hydrates, refreshes, cleans toxins from cells
2. Phytoconcentrate of 12 herbs - good nutrition Fully nourishes . Saturates phyto- vitamins and trace elements, improves energy transfer
3. Nectar clover - LIFTING EFFECT Bioactive formula clover tightens skin, improves elasticity and skin tone

Now you can be sure that care for skin properly!
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