Shampoo "Tsarskie Yagody" Cranberry and Sea Buckthorn Nourishing for All Hair Types (Gzel). 13.5 oz/ 400 Ml

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Natura Siberica

Shampoo "Tsarskie Yagody" Cranberry and Sea Buckthorn Nourishing for All Hair Types (Gzel). 13.5 oz/ 400 Ml Description

The traditions of hair care accumulated over many years have been used as the basis for creating a unique product. This knowledge was embodied in the shampoo for hair “Royal berries” of the Gzhel series of cosmetics Natural Siberica. The peoples who lived for many centuries in the vast expanses of Siberia were able to appreciate and competently apply amazing properties of wild berries to preserve health and beauty. Largely due to this, the new shampoo has such valuable properties: it effectively cleanses and nourishes the skin surface of the head, restores the hair structure, strengthens the roots and stimulates their growth. Its use makes the hair obedient and it acquires a rich shine.
The presence of Arctic cranberries in the shampoo, which is valuable in the content of the rare omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, gives it the ability to intensively moisturize the hair and fill them with energy.
From time immemorial in Russia they valued the properties of golden cloudberries, which was also called the tsar-berry. She was considered one of the most valuable berries and served even to the royal table. The composition of cloudberries is truly unique, due to which the hair receives reliable protection from the influence of negative environmental factors and acquire a healthy, luxurious look. It also has a strengthening effect on the hair roots.
Northern sea buckthorn, which is known for its rich content of vitamins and essential acids, contributes to both intensive nutrition and hair restoration.
The use of “Tsar’s Berries” shampoo Gzhel Natura Siberica allows you to provide your hair with complete care, which makes them truly healthy and beautiful.
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