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Seasoning for Aspic (Kholodets), Magiya Vostoka, 20g
Seasoning for Aspic (Kholodets), Magiya Vostoka, 20g
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Seasoning for Aspic (Kholodets), Magiya Vostoka, 20g
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Seasoning for Aspic (Kholodets), Magiya Vostoka, 20g



Composition: salt, garlic, onion, chilly (red hot pepper), parsley, black pepper.

Kholodets (also called studen in some parts of Russia) is a jellied meat dish of traditional Russian cuisine. It gets its name from kholod, the Russian word for cold and is an essential part of winter holiday festive meals. However it can be cooked anytime – as long as you have seven hours to plunge yourself into the cooking process plus extra time for some preparations before cooking.
Russians usually go to a farmers' market to buy only fresh meat for kholodets. When served, it resembles a rectangle of jelly or it takes the shape of the dish or basin where it was chilled. Often, pieces are several inches high, containing pieces of meat clearly seen through the transparent broth-turned-jelly. Kholodets is served cold. Kholodets is a perfect appetizer and the best companion of vodka, it is often eaten with a generous helping of strong horseradish sauce or the incredibly hot Russian mustard.

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