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Sauerkraut w/Cranberry, Teshcha's Recipes, 900 g
Sauerkraut w/Cranberry, Teshcha's Recipes, 900 g
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Sauerkraut w/Cranberry, Teshcha's Recipes, 900 g
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Sauerkraut w/Cranberry, Teshcha's Recipes, 900 g



Sauerkraut with cranberries is not just a traditional snack or a component of many dishes on the table of the Slavs, but also a natural healer. There are many recipes for sauerkraut in Russia. Sauerkraut recipe with cranberries is one of the most popular. In contrast to homemade sauerkraut recipe without any spices, the recipe with cranberries is sourer, but it is delicious sour. In addition, sauerkraut with cranberries is very healthy, as it contains additional quantity of vitamin C. Also it contains vitamins K, the B vitamins, potassium, iron, and many other useful substances. Sauerkraut will increase appetite, enhance the secretion of stomach, acting as a diuretic. The can is almost to the top is evenly filled with shredded cabbage, interspersed with strips of carrot. The width of cabbage strips is from 2 to 4 mm. Carrots chopped into a strips width of 3-5 mm. The diameter of the cranberry about 7 mm. The taste is harmonious, natural. Cabbage perfectly accented by the acid of the cranberries and a light natural sweetness of the carrots. The aftertaste is bright and long lasting. Traditional taste makes sauerkraut TM “Mother-in-Law recipes” an indispensable ingredient for the cooking of Russian cuisine dishes: from daily soup to all kinds of salads. Also good as a perfect addition to pork Ready to eat. Composition: sauerkraut, water, carrots, cranberries, salt, acidity regulator Shelf life: 3 years Storage conditions: at a temperature of +4 to +20 degrees C Nutritional value: Proteins: 0.60 g Fat: 0.10 g Carbs: 1.00 g Energy value: 13.00 kcal

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