Salami Nevskaya,0,9- 1 lb / 454g
Salami Nevskaya,0,9- 1 lb / 454g
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Salami Nevskaya,0,9- 1 lb / 454g

Salami Nevskaya,0,9- 1 lb / 454g

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Classic smoked sausage from the Soviet era.
The clear grainy structure on the slice and the application of a unique method of smoking gives this sausage a unique taste.

A great snack for a young dry wine. However, to a good beer will not be superfluous.
Raw smoked sausage "Nevskaya" has a dense, firm consistency. 
The taste of smoked sausages is spicy, brackish, with a pronounced aroma of smoked and spices. 
The moisture content of dry sausages should not exceed 30%.
Nevskaya sausage is perfect for creating light sandwiches for breakfast and snacks, and will be used as an ingredient in salads and casseroles.
It goes well with sauces such as mustard and horseradish.
It will be a great addition to homemade pizza toppings.
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Very tasty holesterol prodact. As any of cured meat by the way .

Just don’t call it SALAMI!
1) It is soft like a polish kielbasa in Smith’s... I broke it on halves with hands, and a big piece of fat dropped to the floor.
2) It has less taste than robber, and chowing it has the same effect like chowing robber. No garlic, spice, or smoke... none. Some day in future it might be a delicious food when everything might be artificial... It is not Nevskaya. Yeliseyev never would allowed THIS in his store.
Как резина, только что мягкая. Уважающий себя магазин должен отказать поставщику.

Tastes great! But it has nitrates which is proven to cause health hazard. I wish it was uncured

One of the best I've ever tasted. Very powerful beef smell and taste, with enough pork fat and smokey flavor to give it a perfect balance.

Arrived in a stick with natural casing in a vacuum pack. This is going to be a staple in my monthly orders.

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