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Honey "Berestoff" with Royal Jelly, 12.35 oz
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Honey "Berestoff" with Royal Jelly, 12.35 oz

Brand: Berestov
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Activates the metabolism and nutrition of tissues, increases the overall tone of the body.
Royal Jelly, the elixir of life, it contains protein, similar in composition to serum proteins; carbohydrates, vitamins, free fatty acids, hormones, minerals, trace elements, etc.
Ingredients: honey, royal jelly*.
Nutritional information per 100g of product:
Carbohydrates - 81 grams, calories - 320 kcal.
Shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacture and packaging.
Store at 0 to 20 ° C.
*Royal Jelly - a valuable product of beekeeping, bees feed their larvae and queen. Royal jelly has a bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties. Royal jelly is alertness, improves vitality, normalizes metabolism, improves eyesight, memory, and rejuvenates the body as a whole. The chemical composition of royal jelly is very complicated: water, proteins, sugars, fats, minerals, trace elements 15 (including iron, manganese, and others), vitamins, amino acids and enzymes.
Altai honey is an environmentally friendly product, the raw material for which is given by the pristine nature. These are Alpine meadows, tundra forests, and floodplain lowlands.
All zones have their own climatic feature, which is transmitted through the herbs delicious and very useful honey.
It is believed that the richest bribes of honey gives herbs of the region, although in the Altai region there are many homogeneous honey arrays, from which single-flyer varieties of honey are obtained.

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The honey is delicious but the cover was broken and made of very thin material that makes very hard to open. Another issue is the container is very small and filled to the brim making it difficult not to spill honey when opened for the very few times, it could have been a bit larger and thicker.

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