Russian Raisin Cake, 1 Pc

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Russian Raisin Cake Description

Raisin cake - a favorite treat from childhood.
Once upon a time, long ago, the cooks of ancient Rome mixed barley puree with nuts, raisins and even pomegranate seeds. It was delicious. 
They say that this is the story of the origin of such a popular baking as a Raisin cake.
And when sugar came in cooking, the dessert started gained enormous popularity. 
Basically, keks or cake  is a sweet bread (usually a sponge cake), or a pie, the dough of which in addition to the flour (and yeast) also includes water, eggs, margarine, sugar, maybe salt, butter. 
The complex composition of the cake may contain additional ingredients such as cocoa, candied fruits, raisins, figs, nuts, jam and others. 
If you want to feel the taste of childhood, indulge yourself with this traditional treat! 
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