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Russian Brand Pork Bologna Doktorskya, chunk 1.4 lb
Russian Brand Pork Bologna Doktorskya, chunk 1.4 lb

Manhattan & Bronx delivery

Russian Brand Pork Bologna Doktorskya, chunk 1.4 lb
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Russian Brand Pork Bologna Doktorskya, chunk 1.4 lb

Brand: Gurman

Manhattan & Bronx delivery


Traditional Russian blend of pork meat and seasonings cured in its natural casing gives doctorskaya bologna its distinct old world flavor.

"Doctorskaya" is a popular variety of boiled sausage (Bologna) in the USSR and the post-Soviet space.
A dietary product of pale pink color with a low fat content. Developed in the USSR in the 1930s under the leadership of Anastas Mikoyan.
During the famine of the 1930s, scientists from the Institute of Meat Industry of the USSR presented a new sausage to the drug health service.
It was for the amendment of health to all survivors of the tsarist regime, as well as the civil war. In fact, according to the documents, "Doctorskaya" was almost a medicine, and was prescribed by a doctor.
In the USSR, the "Doctorskaya" Bologna was in active demand.
It was considered an attribute of the well-being of the family, the queen of all boiled sausages.
The "Doctorskaya" was cut into the famous salad Olivier, in the national soup Solyanka, in any dish, even if there should not be meat. Sandwiches with this sausage served even in party buffets!
A few boxes of doctor's sausage could be used to exchange new Zhiguli, but that's not approved)
"Doctor's" sausage of the Soviet era could be called a medicine. It was indeed included in the diet for stomach ulcers, colitis and other gastrointestinal diseases.
The product was also recommended for use by children.
A simple recipe for delicious snacks!
Hot sandwiches with Doctor's sausage, cheese and tomatoes.

You will need:
  • Bread
  • Sausages and sausages 200 g
  • Hard cheese 100g 
  • Cherry tomatoes 
  • Mayonnaise

    Шаг 1.

    Prepare the products.
    Cut the bread into portions.


    Шаг 2.

    Grate the sausage on a large grater.
    You can just chop it up.


    Шаг 3.

    Grate the cheese


    Шаг 4.

    Cut tomatoes into cubes. 


    Шаг 5.

    Mix everything and season with mayonnaise. Add some parsley.


    Шаг 6.

    Spread the mixture into pieces of bread.  Place them on baking paper or silicone mat on a baking tray.


    Шаг 7.

    Bake for about ten minutes in a preheated 180 degree oven until the cheese has melted. Chil a little before serving. If you want to decorate with greenery. It can be served.

To make these open sandwiches you can take any bread: loaf, baguette, toast, whole grain, that's about rye is not sure, with it you need to think about another smear.

Mayonnaise is easy to replace with sour cream, then the calorie content of the dish is a little, but will decrease.
Salt  is not necessary, enough salinity of cheese and sausage.
These sandwiches are somewhat reminiscent of pizza, so you can put everything you want, and pickles, olives, and mushrooms.
Especially like such sandwiches children, you can make them on the festive table for children's birthday.
In this case, it is better to dream up with slicing and decoration, to make something like mini-pizza: sausage and tomatoes cut into circles, and cheese to rub and sprinkle on top. When there is no time to tinker with the dough this recipe will come to the rescue!


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Как обычно добротно.

It is good.

Very good grade of bologna! Really tasty too!

It was fresh, conveniently packaged. Would order again.

very good


Will order again

вкусная(но сделана по госту сша с нитратами и тд)

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