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This customer purchased the item at our site.
Great taste and i love it, especially with herbal tea and honey!
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Great taste! i love it!
Simply outstanding! Best adzhika ever!!
Great on a piece of bread with hard boiled egg. Fast delivery.
Nice alternative to coffee for people who can’t have caffeine. I like it with a spoon of honey.
These are my favorite candy. It is a special treat for me and my family. Taste great and delivery was fast.
Came fast and well packaged. Great with milk or tea. I stored them in fridge after opening to preserve freshness. I will buy again.
Very nice candies, and enough In a bag for all family to enjoy. Parcel came fast and well packaged.
A very good waffle cake!
We loved the fresh taste of the both the chocolate and ganache.
This customer purchased the item at our site.
You've sent me the product from a different company which I really wasn't asking for. There is the reason why I've ordered this particular manufacturer but if you have to do a replacement, you should contact a customer prior to that and obtain the approval OR remove the item from the order. so now I have 2 jars of really bad product, not the end of the world but really don't want to see this going forward.
The chocolate is good, as well as the candy shell. The vodka inside is very strong and bitter (as is the nature of vodka). I personally can’t eat them like candy, but my grandmother absolutely loved them. I probably won’t buy this again, but it’s something I’ve never found at a store in the US and I’m having fun making my friends try it
I ordered homemade cabbage, canned one was sent to me. I did not try it yet, but I know it is not what I like
Actually the sunflower seeds always I buy they always old and bad every time I go back to the store I return the sunflower seed bag and they said all they oh my God it’s all bad . Then always the new ones I buy fortunately they mixed the old ones with new one. And they return it back to the stores mostly to Armenian stores and that’s really disappointed we paid a lot of money for it and I don’t appreciate it.
Это не бородинский хлеб, не по вкусу и не по виду. Он с семечками, довольно влажный, и через чур плотный. Ничего с бородинским хлебом у этого хлеба нет. То что здесь на картинке, это не то что придёт вам домой. Есть можно если есть больше нечего. Я его положила в духовку, в надежде что станет съедобным
Самый вкусный квас
Tastes stale
This is pretty disgusting. Tastes spoiled. I wouldn’t recommend unless you like that brine like taste
Happy with the purchase! Shipping was fast. Thank you so much!
Much more creamy and sweet than I expected, obviously I never had it before. But delicious!
I loved the flavor of this halva!
Very good! Thanks.
It does not have any flavor: like garlic or black pepper... It is not even salted. It tastes like a cheap flavorless ham, it is not a real Salo.
Best one I tried so far!