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I like this shampoo, my hair feels "happy".
Good amount of the cookies for the price - taste pretty good too.
Great price for the amount of cookies you get!
Absolutely the best tea I ever tasted. The tea flavor is almost subdued by the floral notes making an unusual and delightful flavor. Most excellent.
Was not impressed
ne vkusno. pustoi kakoi-to. dumayu, dobavit perlovki.
I am a first time customer, that being said "Back In The USSR" would be the best choice to get the most bang for you buck. I love chocolates and caramels and they are here. There are chocolate covered fruit and nut items I have never had in the US. Just imagine figs or prunes with walnuts dipped in chocolate they are wonderful and healthy. The fruit flavors of the jellied and other fruit flavored candies are very pronounced, they scream lemon, pineapple, strawberry or what ever the fruit flavor is , there is no guessing what flavor you have. The lemon goes very well with a hot cup of tea. There are tasty wafer layered cookies, the vanilla stands out with a thin chocolate layer and if you keep them cold in the refrigerator they tastes like an eskimo pie. Some wafer cookies had chocolate and coffee flavor. Every piece with few exceptions has Russian writing some have pictures to clue you in but there are some suprises. I have had this 5 lb bag and only found one piece that might be declared "Adults Only" the candy is according to the owner or one of the employees I spoke with at the store "Polish" it was a chocolate covered cherry with a liquid punch I don't drink any more but I took a good long nap after that piece. The name in English is "Golden Cherry " you can look it up on the internet. It comes in a shiny red wrapper just like Christmas
which is why I tried it first. There is one other piece that plainly saids "Vodka" in English as plain as day. I have as of yet not tried that one. European and American companies put alcohol in candy, if that was what it was there should be a warning for parents with children. This is a great tour of the USSR for under $60, you can't take a family of 4 any where for $60. It is a great package that I would buy again.
Love these bite-size "sushki". Not too sweet. Perfect with a cup of tea/coffee and as a snack on the go. Good idea for a fun little treat for a school lunch box.
We love everything from Noyan brand! Two ingredients here: quince and sugar. Produced in Armenia. Perfect!
I was surprised to see that these opyata come from China. The fine print on the back says "Product of PRC". I guess all other marinated mushrooms under Uniservice brand are made in China too. I think the product description should mention where the product is made.
Very tasty, but way too expensive for such a small amount. $3.99 for 100 grams - more expensive than Birds Milk candy and other fancy chocolates! When I ordered, I didn't realize the package was that small (10 thin cookies) - Yubileinoe used to come in larger packages, with thicker cookies. I enjoyed it, but I won't be ordering it again, not as this price.
This is best Salami i ever tried
This customer purchased the item at our site.
We love Pelmeni and this chicken ones are really good!
It's definitely not the best hearing I ate, much more prefer the one in glass. It's seams too sour to me, which I would not expect from the Hering
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Very good! We love it and all our guests appreciated it!
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Mine and my wife's favorite Doctorskaya! Enjoy sandwiches with it!
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Really love this hearing fillet, great quality
I just started using this mask and it feel great and my skin looks great!
Не очень похож на настоящий бородинский хлеб!
Разочарована! нет никакого орехового вкуса и, что самое важное, сделано печенье на маргарине! Вот кошмар-то! Вроде бы все уже знают о его вреде для здоровья!
Tastes great! not too salty. Great on bread as an appetizer on pancake (blini) etc.
o4en vkusnie !!!!
Very fresh and very tasty!
I use this Tonic daily. Its my multivitamin in liquid form. Feeling better and have more energy. I highly recommend everyone go to the list of Tonics and pick the one that is right for you