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Salmon Red Caviar Glass Jar, 3.52 oz / 100 g
Salmon Red Caviar Glass Jar, 3.52 oz / 100 g
$ 19.99
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Salmon Red Caviar Glass Jar, 3.52 oz / 100 g

Brand: Awers


Red caviar jar is the perfect product for the coming holidays. The most important thing is to choose the right caviar that could satisfy you. It should be fresh, tasty with well-formed eggs that burst in the mouth leaving a lightly salted flavour and gentle aftertaste. We think about our clients and that is why we are offering you only first-class quality marine products in our online supermarket. Besides we are constantly reducing the prices thereby making this royal delicacy available to the majority of our customers.

This Red caviar jar is canned in glass jars of 100 grams each. The glass is widely known as a material able to preserve useful properties of the product and safe in what concerns harmful emissions. Moreover, it is recommended as an environmentally friendly substance.

Red caviar was tasted and appreciated for the first time long ago. Until now it remains the most popular appetizer during the time of great celebrations such as Christmas, New Year, birthday parties and other occasions. Taking into account its relatively high price red caviar is believed to be the sign of welfare and prosperity indicating the wealth of those who can afford it. In case you want to treat your friends and relatives like kings, red caviar is the product you need to put on the table. Its delicate taste and magnificent flavour would be valued.

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Sure it’s very small container, but still enough for about 5-6 good sized bread slices sandwiched. Very good taste and quality for the price

Most regretfully, the taste of this particular salmon caviar sample concedes appreciably to the kinds manufactured in Russia. I realize that buying it is my own fault since I did not notice the "product of USA" label. But I would not recommend it to anybody now.

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