Mayonnaise Maheev Provansal, 12.8 oz / 380 ml
Mayonnaise Maheev Provansal, 12.8 oz / 380 ml
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Mayonnaise Maheev Provansal, 12.8 oz / 380 ml
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Mayonnaise Maheev Provansal, 12.8 oz / 380 ml


Mayonnaise Maheev Provencal is a sauce that came to Russia from French cuisine. It all makes sense. Our most “Russian” salad was designed by the French Chef Olivier. Fresh mayonnaise is made from olive oil and yolks, it is very high on fat content, but in the French cuisine it was not meant to be eaten in large quantities. Usually this sauce is not prepared at home, people use store-brands. Most typical variety is mayo maheev provansal, 67% fat content.

This mayonnaise is cooked according to a unique recipe. The combination of lemon juice and traditional mayonnaise gives delicious taste to any dish. The highlight of this mayonnaise is vitamin C, which is contained in natural lemon juice. Mayo used to be expensive long time ago, then it was part of deficit products during Soviet times, now it is really cheap and widely available.

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Вкусный майонез. Олично для оливье и селёдки под шубой.

Very good quality. This is my favorite.

Tastes like it is home made

Tastes like it is home made

Отличный майонез, вкусный.

It is different, but really good! I like it a lot.

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