White Mushrooms Uniservis, 15.52 oz/ 440 g

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White Mushrooms Uniservis Description

Porcini mushrooms are the most delicious marinated mushrooms.

Cepes (or White mushrooms in Russia) are known all around the world. These mushrooms have a unique taste and are easy to cook. Porcini mushroom does not change its white color in any food processing.

In the old time all edible mushrooms were called "white". Today, in Russia White mushroom is called "noble mushroom" and considered a delicacy. All dishes with these mushrooms get a unique flavor. There are lots of recipes with fresh or marinated Porcini mushrooms, and these recipes belong to the cuisines of many countries: Russia, Italy, France, etc.

Mushroom pickers in Russia believe in omen: to find a Porcini mushroom is to find a piece of luck. Congratulations, you have found a whole jar of white mushrooms in our shop!

Ingredients: porcini mushrooms, salt, sugar, oil, garlic.

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