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Narsharab Pomegranate Sauce, 14.46 oz / 410 g
Narsharab Pomegranate Sauce, 14.46 oz / 410 g
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Narsharab Pomegranate Sauce, 14.46 oz / 410 g
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Narsharab Pomegranate Sauce, 14.46 oz / 410 g

Brand: Kinto


The Narsharab sauce harmonizes perfectly with meat and fish dishes, especially with kebabs. 
Pomegranate Sauce "Narsharab" gives pleasantly sour taste.

Narsharab Pomegranate Sauce is a real pride of Azerbaijani cuisine. Pomegranate fruits grew throughout the territory of Azerbaijan, so the locals came up with the use of the product and began to make an incredibly delicious sauce of dark red color with a thick consistency.

Perfect goes with:

  • steak
  • ham
  • meat
  • bbq
  • lamb
  • duck
  • chicken
  • fish

The original Narsharab is prepared only of ripe wild pomegranates, pressing the juice from the peeled grains. To enhance the taste of salt and added spices such as pepper, coriander, Bay leaf, as well as cinnamon, Basil.

The chemical composition of the pomegranate product is represented by the following elements:

  • phytoncides, tannins,
  • iron, potassium and magnesium,
  • vitamins C, P, E,
  • antioxidants, fruit acids (large amounts of citric and malic), anthocyans.

The most useful product is made of natural juice with added sugar, spices and without substances that enhance the taste or help to be stored longer. Only such Narsharab can contain a maximum of nutrients.

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I love this sauce is excellent for meat and chicken, next time I will try the other flavors.

Great sauce. I love it always!! Thank you.

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