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Nickel-Plated Tea Glass Holder
Nickel-Plated Tea Glass Holder "Russian Dances"
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Nickel-Plated Tea Glass Holder "Russian Dances"

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Material: brass L-68, nickel plating with blackening
Manufacturing technology: Stamping
Weight: 200g
Bottom diameter: 6.5 cm
Height: 10 cm

Elegant glass holder with an artistic composition with Russian folk motifs.
On the front part there is one of the paintings of ancient life, transferred to the coinage – "Russian dances".
This is a complex and rich stamp that takes up most of the cup holder.
It subtly conveys the nuances of the characters ' movements, the folds of clothing, the detailed surrounding landscape with the smallest details of the church and village huts.

Glass Holder of the USSR - nostalgic gift.
Made in Russia!

Russian glass-holder made of nickel - a constant attribute of the endless Russian tea ceremony) 
It is a rare and valuable thing that does not lose its charm and relevance to this day. 


It became popular in Russian in the early XX century, when the manufacturers of dishes refused porcelain and earthenware in favor of glass. 
A glass with hot tea was placed in a nickel glass-holder, thus avoiding the burn of hands from the hot glass.

Over time, high — quality glass-holders have become a mandatory attribute of houses and offices of major leaders. Now glass-holders have become a vivid symbol of a bygone era.

Do you remember, just a 30-40 years ago, the inhabitants of a large country called the USSR, quite actively traveled through the vast expanses.
A mandatory attribute of each such trip was tea, which was served in a nickel glass-holder. Do you remember those the sugar cubes (two per cup of tea) in "train" package?

The train conductor in a hurry: she is like a magician, carries tea along the narrow corridor of the train.
Why "like a magician"? Because she has, in each hand, 5-6 glasses of this burning tea.

Outside the window flows the country, the train wheels sound, rhythmically tinkling glass in a glass - is so good!

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