Dark chocolate 72% "Pobeda Vkusa" 250g

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Dark chocolate 72% "Pobeda Vkusa" 250g Description

Ecuador and Cote d'Ivoire gave us fragrant cocoa beans, which we lightly roasted in order not to lose their taste, and created a series of Bitter Chocolate: 72% cocoa, No Sugar 72% cocoa, Porous Bitter Chocolate (60%) and 72 % cocoa with orange pieces.
The energy contained in bitter chocolate, charges and tones. With each piece of it, we shake off fatigue and fill ourselves with a sense of joy. It is ideal for those who love a dynamic lifestyle and seeks to have time to take everything from it. Do you feel hunger, fatigue, drowsiness? Bitter chocolate quench, invigorate and give the necessary boost of energy.
All Bitter chocolate has a high content of natural cocoa butter, contains almost no sugar and is considered to be not only tasty, but also useful!
Dark chocolate 72% Dark chocolate 72% Dark chocolate 72% Dark chocolate 72%
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