Pepper Patch 10х18
Pepper Patch 10х18
$ 2.99
Pepper Patch 10х18
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Pepper Patch 10х18


As anesthetic radiculitis, neuralgia.

"Doctor Pepper" is a patch, a skin applicator that has a local analgesic and warming effect.
It has a fairly wide range of applications, prolonged action, so you can keep it on the skin for up to 48 hours.
To make this product, the manufacturer used only natural ingredients, which led to the high efficiency of the product, confirmed by numerous positive reviews.

The composition:
  • Pepper extract (extract)
  • Belladonna Extract 
  • Analgin (Metamizole sodium), it makes it possible to provide analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.
It is due to them that you can get the necessary effects: improve blood flow, relieve pain spasm, relax your muscles.
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