Pickled Tomatoes w/ Cherry Leaf, 900 g

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Pickled Tomatoes w/ Cherry Leaf Description

Russian-style pickled tomatoes with cherry leaf - healthy and delicious.
Pickling tomatoes is very well-known in Russia. It’s a great way of preserving tomatoes in a brine and makes it enjoyable during winter months.These pickled tomatoes go well with ffried potatoes and Uzbek plov.
Cherry Leaf adds original flavor and crispness.

These are tasty vegetables, which are an essential part of menu for majority of people. Thanks to their's well-balanced chemistry, these vegetables help to fight excessive weight, stay in good shape and positive mood as well as prevent likelihood of development of certain diseases.
Russian Pickled Tomatoes are great for storing for the winter.
These pickles have significant health benefits: they enhance the vitamin and enzyme content of vegetables being pickled as well as improve the digestibility of the food you eat along with it!
It makes them perfect for holiday meals when you eat a lot of heavy food.

It’s a staple in every Russian house.
Bon Appetit!

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