Phyto Tea from Allergies, 20 Bags

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Phyto Tea has anti-allergic, immunostimulant and immunomodulatory effects. The combined effects of composition greatly relieve any allergic symptoms, eliminate swelling, discomfort, purify the blood.
Active components:
- Ash enriches the body with vitamins, reduces swelling.
- Dandelion root acts as a tonic, improves the metabolism in skin diseases, in allergies and skin rashes.
- Bur Marigold gives a pronounced positive effect on allergies, reduces swelling of tissues, skin allergies and itching, stimulates the adrenal glands, regulating the immune system.
- Wild Strawberry and St. John's wort give decongestant, blood purifing and diuretic effect, reduce skin rashes, restore normal sleep. Biologically active substances of St. John's wort catalyze intracellular reactions and regulate vital processes in the body.
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