Osetra Black Caviar Malosol (not pasteurized), 0.25 lb

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Osetra Black Caviar Malosol (not pasteurized) Description

Osetra black caviar Malosol (not pasteurized) comes from wild Hackleback Sturgeon (paddlefish). This caviar, with its smaller roe, ranges in color from greyish-green, even yellow, to jet black. The product is widely acknowledged for having a nutty flavour and firm texture. In our online supermarket you can purchase it in cans of 0,25 Lb each.

Osetra black caviar Malosol we are offering is freshly-salted thus setting off the taste of the caviar and not of the salt. The flavour is gorgeous. Gentle, smooth and succulent it literally melts in the mouth. The pleasure of it is incredible. The caviar can be served in several ways. Most frequently (taking into account its price) it is used in making sandwiches. The caviar then is spread over a slice of fresh bread; some lemon can be added to emphasize the nuances of the taste. Caviar can also supplement some kinds of seafood and serve as a garnish.

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