Organic Baby Herbal Tea "Forest Collection with Prebiotics" 30g/1.06oz Fleur Alpine

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Organic Baby Herbal Tea "Forest Collection with Prebiotics" 30g/1.06oz Fleur Alpine Forest collection with prebiotics to 5 months. 30 oz. (20 bags) Often the child needs additional amount of liquid. Especially in hot weather and when artificial feeding. You can make up for its lack of boiled water. But children's tea tastes better, and often useful. Tea for kids the first year of life has nothing to do with the tea for adults. Child tea - a translucent sweetish liquid which is obtained by dissolving the dry granules with warm water. The composition of tea can be very diverse. Teas may contain herbal extracts, fruit and berry supplements, sucrose, glucose or dekstrinmaltozu. Many of them have a preventive and curative action, and used to treat a number of diseases in infants. Although many of the useful properties of tea drinks, all kinds of teas contain large amounts of carbohydrates, thus offering tea to children to be careful, not more than 100-150 ml per day. Products Organic - a natural food that contributes to the full development and preservation of the health of children. This environmentally friendly products grown by organic farming. Organic Products preserves the natural taste, strength and the use of natural products, has a higher nutritional value, vitamins and minerals contains 50% more than that of products grown in conventional manner. Children's tea Fleur Alpine Organic Forest collection with prebiotics can be used in food, even the youngest children. Children's herbal tea "Forest collection with prebiotics" contains a natural complex of vitamins C, A, PP, E, B complex and probiotics, the combination of which contributes to the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, has a restorative effect, improves the appetite. Recommended for children from 5 months. Ingredients: fruits of blackberry, rose hips, raspberry leaves, fruits cranberries, lemon balm leaves, inulin (prebiotic). It contributes to the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. 

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