Norvegian Cold Smoke Salmon, 4 oz
Norvegian Cold Smoke Salmon, 4 oz
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Norvegian Cold Smoke Salmon, 4 oz

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Norvegian cold smoke Salmon - the best choice for you to surprise your guests.

Norway is the land of mysterious fjords and crystal waters. It is the country where until the present days people have retained harmonious relationships with the nature. Norway is the country which can offer to please the palate of the most discerning gourmets.

Atlantic Norway salmon is so famous for has become an outstanding delicacy. Norwegian smoked salmon will be a fine choice for you to surprise your guests, as well as to give yourself a special treat.

At our online store you can buy online Norwegian delicacy - smoked salmon.

This type of smoked salmon is one of the most popular varieties in the Russian market today.

Norwegian smoked salmon is distinguished by its

  • peachy-pink color
  • leaner – since it has less fat
  • more intense aroma
  • silky smooth texture
  • a subtly salty flavor

About the Norwegian smoked salmon:

  • Natural Source of Omega-3
  • High in vitamin D
  • No Hormones, GM, Nitrates or Preservatives

Smoked salmon can be stored in the refrigerator in accordance with the shelf life. It is usually 5 to 6 days.

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The package that this salmon came in looks nothing like on this picture. Doesn't taste any different than normal smoked salmon sold in any regular grocery store but costs more and shipping of course is through the roof. That is why I gave it only 3 stars. Will not be purchasing this item again.

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