Soft Grilyazge, 200gr (packed)

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Soft Grilyazge Description

Soft Grilyazge is a true delicacy with classical taste of the crackling nutlets fried in sugar. Soft vanilla nougat and roasted peanuts come together to make one incredibly delicious treat!

Ingredients: chocolate coating (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter equivalent (vegetable non-hydrogenated oils (palm, sunflower)), cocoa powder, emulsifier soy lecithin, E476, vanilla flavoring), sugar, syrup, shredded peanut, apple puree (apples, preservative-sulfur dioxide), substitute milk fat (refined deodorized vegetable oil: hydrogenated sunflower oil, palm kernel oil, mixed Tocopherol concentrate), skim milk, powdered egg white, «Butterscotch" flavoring, «Biscuit" flavoring, acidity regulators - citric acid and sodium citrate, emulsifier E331, salt, emulsifier soy lecithin.

Caution with hypersensitive milk protein and / or egg protein.

Nutritional facts per 100g:
protein - 6g;
fat - 21g;
carbohydrates - 64g.

Energy value: 470ккал/100g.

Store in cold dry place, avoid excessive heat.

Soft Grilyazge, 200gr (packed)
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