Natural Premium Armenian Noyan Cornelian Cherry Juice, 34 oz / 1 L

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Cornelian nectar invigorates and refreshes, activates mental activity. It has antimicrobial properties. The nectar is recommended with anemia, liver disease, gout, as a diuretic and choleretic funds. Its fruits contain natural sugars (mostly glucose and fructose) and acids, pectin, tannins, essential oil, significant amount of vitamins C and P. The content of ascorbic acid in the fruits of cornelian cherry surpasses even citruses.
Ingredients: cornelian cherry puree (25%), water, sugar.Once opened keep refrigerated and consume within 1 day.
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Sheron Lutz
Aug 11, 2018
The "Natural Premium Armenian Cornelian Cherry juice" is amazing. I love this juice, it is like a smoothie when you have it for breakfast in the morning. It is packed full of fruity flavorful goodness and is very hydrating very good for you. I love it!



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