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Natural Pollock Liver, Dobroflot, 240 g/ 0.53 lb
Natural Pollock Liver, Dobroflot, 240 g/ 0.53 lb
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Natural Pollock Liver, Dobroflot, 240 g/ 0.53 lb
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Natural Pollock Liver, Dobroflot, 240 g/ 0.53 lb

Fans of the fish menu in their diet, for sure, will appreciate the dishes from Pollock. One of the most popular delicacies is liver and Pollock caviar. This delicious combination in canned form is presented in the product line of Dobroflot production.
Good for people
The delicate taste of the liver and natural caviar of this fish is doubly pleasant if you realize all the benefits that such a product gives. Phosphorus, potassium, iodine, sulfur, vitamins b, AA, E and P, as well as unsaturated fatty acids, which are so necessary for the human body, are contained in a unique "sea cocktail". Dobroflot natural Pollock liver and caviar contains only useful components rich in valuable trace elements. In a jar of canned food contains: pieces of liver and eggs, salt, spices, Bay leaf. Nutritional value: easily digestible protein -14 g, fat -20 g.
Description and application
Canned fish from our production is rich and healthy dishes made from natural and delicious ingredients.
Canned Pollock liver and caviar are perfect for making salads and cold appetizers. Are there people who don't like fish liver? Judging by consumer reviews, there are very few of them. Eating it is appetizing and healthy. In restaurants and in the home kitchen, many culinary masterpieces are prepared from these marine ingredients.
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