Enriched Facial Tonic (NATURAL & ORGANIC), 6.8 oz/ 200 ml
Enriched Facial Tonic (NATURAL & ORGANIC), 6.8 oz/ 200 ml
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Enriched Facial Tonic (NATURAL & ORGANIC), 6.8 oz/ 200 ml

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NS facial Tonic ANTI AGE, 200ml-Enriched tonic based on extracts of ginseng, meadowsweet and amaranth extract gently and effectively cleanses the skin and slows down the aging process. Useful properties of ginseng were known to the inhabitants of Siberia and the Far East several centuries ago. It significantly accelerates the rate of cell division, which justifiably allows ginseng to be considered the main natural remedy in the fight against skin aging. Meadowsweet restores the natural regenerative functions of the skin, increases its firmness and elasticity. - Amaranth extract is a well-known natural source of squalene, which saturates cells with oxygen and slows down the process of releasing free radicals, which makes squalene indispensable in the fight against age-related skin changes.
Aqua with infusions of: Ogaps Panax Ginseng Root ExtraСt, Ogaps Spirae Ulmaria ExtraСt, Ogaps Oenothera Biennis Oil, Ogaps AngeliСa ArСhangeliСa Root ExtraСt, Ogaps Amaranthus Сaudatus ExtraСt, Ogaps Juniperus Commit Fruit ExtraСt, Ogaps Rosa DamasСena ExtraСt, Ishoe Laurate, Sorbitol, Ishoe Dilaurate, Ishoe Cholate, SaССharide Isomerate, GlyСerin, Sodium Hydroxyde, SaliСiliС AСid, Parfum, Limonene, Linalool
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