Icelandic Cod Liver in a Tin Can, 4.2 oz / 120 g

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Icelandic Cod Liver in a Tin Can Description

Natural. Naturally smoked on beech sawdust. Added different spices.

Premium Quality
due to freshness and purity.

Natural color - no added artificial colors
No added flavors
No preservatives
Just liver and salt
Consumers enjoy our FOIE GRAS DE MER as a delicious appetizer or in salads. During the sterilization process, liver gives out its own natural fish oil with a good taste of fish, which is recommended to consume as well either as a part of the sause or just for intake in a spoon, both for adults and children.

Ican cod liver is graded as a premium due to its freshness, delicious gourmet taste and low levels of pollutants as the Codfish been caught in clear cold Icelandic waters.
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