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Mushrooms Soup in Glass Jar, Dworek 24.34 oz/ 720 Ml
Mushrooms Soup in Glass Jar, Dworek 24.34 oz/ 720 Ml
$ 5.49
Mushrooms Soup in Glass Jar, Dworek 24.34 oz/ 720 Ml
SKU: 200229

Mushrooms Soup in Glass Jar, Dworek 24.34 oz/ 720 Ml

Brand: Dworek


Сonsuming mushroom soups, we saturate the body with huge amounts of vitamins, macroelements, trace elements and amino acids. Mushrooms contain 18 amino acids, which improve memory, mental alertness and prevent atherosclerosis.
Mushroom soup contains important vitamins (B6, B2, B1) that are needed for the normalized work of our nervous system and supports skin, hair and nails in a healthy condition. There are a lot more B vitamins in mushroom soup than in cereals and vegetables. Vitamin PP,  which is also present in considerable quantity in the soups, plays an important role in the hematopoietic process and strengthens the vascular walls. 
There are a number of trace elements present  in the mushroom soup such as iodine, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, calcium and copper, which support the metabolic processes in the body, prevent viruses and diseases of the cardiovascular system.
We offer you this palatable, gratifying Mushroom soup in a glass jar, which can be easily heated and stored.

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Literally tastes like HOME MADE! When i am sick, all i want is soup from scratch-i do not buy canned soup, and obviously, if i am sick, i do not have the strength to make soup myself, so this is what i eat! i believe that for colds and flu, people should not take all kinds of pills, it should be soup and tea, and so whenever i shop here, i get many jars of my favorite soups so that when i DO get sick, i don't have to worry, and this soup will surely make you feel healthy again, because it is delicious, healthy, and all natural, without all kinds of preservatives and chemicals-it is what it is supposed to be! thanks Russian Shop for making people happy and promoting good health, and healthy eating habits! i would highly recommend this soup!

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