Flat Layers for Cakes
Flat Layers for Cakes "Napoleon", 0.79 lb / 360 g
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Flat Layers for Cakes
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Flat Layers for Cakes "Napoleon", 0.79 lb / 360 g

Napoleon is a flaky cake or a cream puff. It is prepared from puff pastry with cream lining. 
In France and Italy this cake is called a Mille-feuille (1000 layers). In the United States  Napoleon, in the UK, vanilla slice or cream slice. It is believed that the name "Napoleon" is connected with Naples. 

But no matter what name it is called, Napoleon cake is undoubtedly one of the most favourite pastries all around the world! With our flat layers for the cake, the whole cooking process of Napoleon becomes a real pleasure. Just add your desirable cream and enjoy!
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Nice way to "cheat" on making Napoleon. My kids loved it and my "hard" work was just to prepare the cream.

The cake turned out as a real Napoleon.

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