Wonderberry Red Whortleberry Mors, 33.81 oz / 1 liter

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Wonderberry Red Whortleberry Mors Description

Fruit drink «mors» was extensively used in the far past. It was prepared of various berries: cranberry, cherry, blackberry, blueberry, blackcurrant etc. Each of the berries exerts their specific positive impact on human body. Thus cherry fruit drink is suggested for prophylaxis and treatment of intestinal infections. Cranberry mors is recommended as an appetitive drink. It also strengthens the immune system and enhances vitality.
We propose you to try different fruit drinks of Russian manufacture. Among them is useful and delicious Red Whortleberry Mors. This beverage is a unique thirst-quencher. It effectively takes off stress and replenishes vitamins in the body. Red Whortleberry Mors is also notable for pleasant, mild flavor which especially appeals to children!

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