Marinated Boletus Maslyata Mushrooms (Uniservis), 15.52 oz/ 440 g

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Marinated Boletus Maslyata Mushrooms (Uniservis) Description

Yellow boletus (or Butter mushrooms) are very popular mushrooms throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The most delicious butter mushrooms are from coniferous forests.

Butter mushrooms are cooked, fried, salted and pickled. Salted or pickled butter mushrooms with oil and herbs are associated with the New Year as a family meal. The most delicious mushroom soup is cooked with addition of butter mushrooms.

Butter mushrooms are not usually served as a main dish. But if you add salted or marinated butter mushrooms in any salad, its taste "will start to play in new way".

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These are not maslyata mushrooms but some other low quality kind, very chewy. Marinade is tasteless, not enough vinegar and salt. Disappointed.