Living Vitamins for Hair Instant Moisturizing, 4.22 oz/ 125 Ml

SKU: 202432
Natura Siberica

Living Vitamins for Hair Instant Moisturizing Description

Extracts of berries of cloudberry and wild northern blackberry, rich in vitamin C, restoring the structure of skin cells, increasing its elasticity. Japanese Sophora, a natural source of rutin, activates skin cell regeneration. Daurian rose, containing vitamins B, E and keratin, and restores the hair structure, making them strong and obedient, and bilberry extract Siberian returns them to the brightness and luster. mode of application Spray the "Living vitamins" to damp or dry hair and body. composition Extract of Schisandra extract lungwort extract oxalis, wild rose extract, bilberry extract, blackberry extract, chamomile extract, sage extract, cloudberry extract, Japanese Sophora

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