Liver Bologna, 12 oz

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Liver Bologna Description

Liver Sausage Pechenochnaya is very rich in the content of proteins and iron, and has a low content of fat.

This kind of sausage is just as great as an appetizer and as a part of other dishes. 

Liver Bologna, 12 oz Liver Bologna, 12 oz
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I am sorry to say the taste is disgusting and the name Pechonochnaya (Liver sausage) is completely misleading! One can assume that Liver sausage mudt have liver as an ingredient, not in this sausage. Not at all! The main ingredient written is pork meat but actually I think it is pork fat. The taste is so horrible that even my dog refused to eat. I will not buy it ever again and will not recommend to anyone. Waste of money!
very good