Lithuanian Bread (Frozen), 1 pc

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Rye flour,wheat flour,water,sugar,rye malt,jam,bakers yeast, malt extract

Sure enough one can't imagine Italia without spaghetti or China without rice. The same way Lithuania can not be imagined without its world-famous bread! From time immemorial it has been the invariable staple of Lithuanian cuisine, serving both as base and additional product. Apart from its perfect taste this bread was appreciated for its high useful properties both for therapeutic and cosmetic uses. The original recipe was preserved in strict secret and the baking process was quite complicated and these were the reasons that for a long time Lithuanian bread was in rather narrow usage and was not imported outside the country. 

We would like to offer you authentic Lithuanian bread remarkable both for its superb taste and inestimable usefulness. Appreciate the unique aroma and flavor of this product!

Lithuanian Bread (Frozen), 1 pc
Lithuanian bread Lithuanian Bread (Frozen), 1 pc
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