Ketchup for Shish kebab, 450g
Ketchup for Shish kebab, 450g
$ 3.99
Ketchup for Shish kebab, 450g

Ketchup for Shish kebab, 450g

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Ketchup for shashlik, pasteurized, made of the juiciest Herson tomatoes contains spices and seasonings which accentuate the wonderful taste of barbecue and kebab.

You will receive Chumak or Maheev ketchup, Ketchup from the well-known manufacturers Of Russian Sauces!

Our ketchup for shish kebab contains only the freshest, ripest tomatoes. Find your favorite today! Our online store offers a wide range of ketchup for shashlik for sale. Ketchup is America's favorite condiment and can be found in 97 percent of kitchens across the country. The Russians also loved this sauce. It is used in cooking and as a sauce for ready meals.

You can buy ketchup for shish kebab 500g online! This natural organic product you can purchase at the online store for an affordable price. We always have ketchup for shashlik for sale, so you can order delivery to the USA where you live. The cost will be lower than in the offline shop.

All products are 100% compliant with the manufacturers' specification.

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