Non Fat Kefir Fresh Made, 32 oz / 0.94 L

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Fresh Made

Non Fat Kefir Fresh Made Description

Today the diversity of sour-milk products is appreciated all over the world. No wonder dairy industry is considered to be one of the most prosperous and perspective market segments. People just want to be fit and healthy and they know what products will help them to achieve this goal.

Our supermarket offers you a wide range of sour-milk products from the leading USA companies. Kefir (Non-fat) is an all-natural product made according to traditional recipes. It is especially beneficial for overweight people and those suffering from cardiovascular disorders. However, even the most healthy consumers will find this kefir exceptionally wholesome!
Kefir (Non-fat) is made of authentic Amish farm milk and contains no harmful additives. It is rich in probiotics as well as in vitamins A and D. This delicate, mild drink strengthens your immune system and improves digestion!

Non Fat Kefir Fresh Made, 32 oz / 0.94 L
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