Jar for Vacuum Anti Cellulite Massage, 1 Cup

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Jar for Vacuum Anti Cellulite Massage Description

"Wonder Jar" is indispensable for vacuum massage, which causes a rush of blood and lymph to the skin, improving the metabolism in skin cells. The skin becomes supple and elastic, which allows their use for the treatment of cellulite. "Wonder Jar" is used in the treatment and prevention of colds and inflammatory diseases such as pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, sciatica, myositis, neuralgia, neuritis, osteochondrosis. To effectively use the "Wonder Jar", the skin should be lubricated with massage oil or cream, then set the jars, measuring force of the vacuum of their compression.

* The cellulite massage is performed on the problematic areas of the body straight and circular movements, while fat cells are destroyed. Practice shows that even with high compression vacuum capillary walls are not violated.

* With osteochondrosis make sliding movement below the waist upwards to the cervical vertebrae.

* With the cervical osteochondrosis make a circular motion around the seventh vertebra

* With bronchitis and pneumonia make spiral movements from the mid-back to the shoulders. Vacuum massage improves breathing, decreases body temperature. 

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