Needle Kuznetsov Applicator x 85, 1 Pc
Needle Kuznetsov Applicator x 85, 1 Pc
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Needle Kuznetsov Applicator x 85, 1 Pc

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This product can be produced in several versions. The most popular model is a large finished canvas, on which plastic plates with small "needles" are sewn, the length of which is several millimeters. "Needles" can be located at different distances from each other (from two to eight millimeters). And since they are very small and are very close to each other, the risk of piercing the skin is almost zero.

With it, you can quickly relieve pain and muscle fatigue to people who constantly maintain high physical activity (including athletes). It effectively relieves persistent muscle spasm of any origin. It is used to relieve muscle pain and fatigue. It is proved that regular use of the applicator helps to activate the metabolism and significantly reduce the amount of body fat. The device also improves blood circulation in the tissues and eliminates stagnant fluids, making the skin more healthy. It is believed that, thanks to the applicator, you can get rid of problems with the nervous system, in particular, to cope with insomnia, stress, headache and neurosis. Regular use of the device activates the body and has a positive effect on the reproductive system.

There are two ways to use this product. For example, to relieve contractures and muscle pain, you need to put it on the area that hurts, gently press. Hold the structure in this position for a minute. During the procedure, it is helpful to alternately tighten and relax the muscles. Action needs to be repeated several times a day. And if you need to tone up the body, get rid of problems with internal organs and cope with chronic fatigue, then more suitable long-term wearing. To do this, the applicator is placed on the skin (preferably from time to time to change its location), pressed and fixed from above with a bandage

Benefit Kuznetsov applicator
Having studied the principle of operation of the device, you can select the main healing properties. Useful applicator:
• relaxes muscles;
• has an anesthetic effect;
• increases the overall tone and vigor of the body;
• has a positive effect on the nervous system;
• accelerates metabolic processes, blood flow and cell renewal;
• improves the condition of the skin.
Indications for use Kuznetsov applicator
You can use the device and just for prevention. But the healing properties of the applicator are clearly manifested in a wide range of ailments - it is recommended for use even by doctors. In particular, the benefits will be when:
• radiculitis;
• myalgia;
• osteochondrosis;
• vertebral hernia;
• arthritis and arthritis;
• neuralgic pains;
• injuries of muscles, ligaments and joints.
Also use Kuznetsov's useful applicator for varicose veins, for the treatment of flatfoot and spurs.

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