Herring Fillet in Oil "Matjias" Glass Jar, 9.17 oz / 260 g

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Herring fillets, vegetable oil, salt, wine, preservatives.

Herring Fillet in Oil "Matjias" Glass Jar Description

Ready to serve and eat, these herring fillets are conveniently packed into a glass jar that can be resealed and refrigerated.

Drizzle lightly with a bit of quality vinegar and top with raw onions for a traditionally Russian flavor.

Herring Fillet in Oil "Matjias" Glass Jar, 9.17 oz / 260 g
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Great, great, great! Just the right amount of salt, and superb taste. Will continue ordering.
Банка с сельдью в посылке оказалась неплотно закрытой. Всё растительное масло вытекло наружу.Не прокантполировали упаковку.
Very tasty herring, not too fat, just like it supposed to be.
Вкусная селедочка, рекомендую!

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