Herbal Tea
Herbal Tea "Herbarica Relax", 12 pyramids *2gr
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Herbal Tea
Brand: Ivan Tea
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Herbal Tea "Herbarica Relax", 12 pyramids *2gr


Time to Relax!

Traffic jams, fuss, noise, constant calls-all this takes a lot of energy and deprives you of peace.
All the time you need something to catch up, do not forget, catch up and overtake...
Herbarica has collected a special blend of herbs that relieve stress and fill with peace.
Turn off your phone, listen to the nice music, sit back and take a hot cup of Herbarica Relax tea.
Have a nice and quiet tea, dear friend!
Mint leaves are fermented fireweed, chamomile, strawberry leaves, marigold blossoms, strawberries.
Fill a pyramid of Herbarica Relax herbal tea with 250 ml of hot water 100 S. Wait 3-5 minutes.
You have 5 minutes for a little meditation-focus your attention on the breath and thank the world for what you have.
And during this time, the tea will open, gain a taste and amazing aroma.
Every sip of it will fill you with peace and harmony!
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