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Hawthorn Forte Cardioactiv 40tabs
Hawthorn Forte Cardioactiv 40tabs
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Hawthorn Forte Cardioactiv 40tabs
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Hawthorn Forte Cardioactiv 40tabs

Brand: Evalar


The extract of hawthorn flowers and leaves, potassium aspartate, magnesium aspartate, hawthornHawthorn for the strong power of the heart and blood vessels were used in the late XIX century. For example, in modern Germany and throughout Europe, preparations based on it - one of the most popular natural remedies for strengthening the heart muscle and blood vessels - with a high daily dose of the extract of hawthorn flowers and fruits from 800 to 1200 mg per day. In Russia, the dosage of the extract of hawthorn is several times less.

Company Evalar took into account the European experience, offering its customers non-drug drug "Hawthorn forte" brand "KardioAktiv" with a high content of the extract of hawthorn flowers and fruit - 800 mg - a source of flavonoids and tannins. Such a "European" dose - to 800 mg per day - significantly enhances the power of the heart of biologically active substances, which in turn improves the functional state of the heart and blood vessels. Take the "Fort Hawthorn" brand "KardioAktiv, and your heart will feel the difference!

There is another advantage for the "Fort Hawthorn" brand "KardioAktiv": the action of the extract of hawthorn vpervye1 enhanced "with vitamins for the heart" - potassium and magnesium. Their combination in one tablet with a high dose of hawthorn will be enhanced nutrition for your heart!

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