Hair Mask "Strength and Growth", 11.83 oz/ 350 Ml

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Natura Siberica

Hair Mask "Strength and Growth" Description

If you want your hair to be smoother, stronger and shinier, try our strengthening hair growth mask with organic Burdock oil, Arctic Sagebrush and chamomile.

Limonnik Nanai is well known for its natural healing abilities, making it one of the most effective adaptogens on the planet. Due to its anti-oxidant properties It is highly beneficial for the hair. It is also high in Vitamin E, C, minerals and essential oils.

Organic burdock extract contains proteins, essential oils, vitamins, tannins, natural inulin, and fatty oils. All of these ingredients prevent dandruff and hair loss, repair dry hair and split ends. It makes hair strong and shiny, activating its growth.

Wild sagebrush contain essential oils, organic acids, tannins and carotene. These improve hair’s protective functions, guard it from harmful environmental factors, and saturate hair with vitamins and micro-elements. Camomile effectively softens, calms, and nourishes the scalp, making hair soft and silky. It also prevents the scalp from flaking.

0% BHT-BHA 0% SLS, SLES 0% mineral oil 0% PEG 0% parabens 0% EDTA

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