Greenfield "Chamomile Meadow" Herbal Tea, 25 tea bags 1,32 oz /37,5 g

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Greenfield Tea

Greenfield "Chamomile Meadow" Herbal Tea Description

Mild flower flavor in the bouquet of Greenfield Camomile Meadow is brightened with fine notes of fragrant Melissa. Rather an unexpected highlight - bold and vivid lychee aroma - creates the impression of fascinating freshness and purity. About type of tea Infusing a cup of camomile tea the French say: “for good night’s sleep and pleasant thoughts”. This tea, refreshing in the morning, distressing during the day, calming and relaxing at night, entered many national traditions. Unpretentious white chamomile, a certain companion of the forest margins and meadows, is a real treasure – it calms and recuperates emotional balance, prevents allergy and stabilizes metabolism. The composition of Greenfield Camomile Meadow combines gentle flowers of camomile with natural melees. It contains no caffeine, promotes relaxation, distressing and helps to gain a valuable state of wellbeing and harmony.

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