Greenfield Herbal Tea "Summer Bouquet", 25 Tea Bags 1,76 oz / 50 g

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Greenfield Tea

Greenfield Herbal Tea "Summer Bouquet" Description

Bright raspberry aroma dominates in the symphony of Summer Bouquet. Characteristic flavor of rosehips softens sharp acidity of hibiscus and sounds as the final note in the exotic melody of Greenfield Summer Bouquet. This herbal tea does not contain caffeine, effectively refreshes and quenches thirst, can be served cool. About type of tea Wild rose known as rosehip and Sharon rose that we often call hibiscus – both form the base of Summer Bouquet bright flavour. Healing properties of these plants were noticed by people long ago. Today archaeologists find images of wild rose on columns of palaces in Babylon and Assyria that are dated around 3000 B.C. Hippocrates, father of modern medicine regarded rosehip berries as an excellent remedy for sustaining physical power. Wonderful properties of Sharon rose also have been known to people for long time. As the legends have it, Egyptian Pharaohs prepared magic drink from the bells of this flower. The recipe of the drink was given by Gods and was kept in strict secret. In the composition of Summer Bouquet characteristic flavour of rosehips softens sharp acidity of hibiscus and ripe raspberry gives special richness to the brew flavour.

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