Glass Medical Jar
Glass Medical Jar
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Glass Medical Jar
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Glass Medical Jar


Vacuum therapy - a type of health effects in humans, which is used since ancient times for the appearance of therapeutic effect. Previously, for procedures using hollow horns of various animals, pots, bowls of clay, glass, bronze and ceramics. The last millennium, but the method has not lost its curative effect, the only difference is that now use glass medical jars.
It is based on creating a vacuum effect, which improves the impact zone of blood and lymph flow, enhances the trophic and remove toxins from the skin and deeply lying organs and tissues.
A list of diseases for which medical use glass jars is quite large.

First of all it inflammation of the chest, such as pneumonia and bronchitis, various etiologies radiculitis, myalgia and neuralgia, chronic myositis. Glass massage banks improve drainage and krovoottok, dilates blood vessels, relieve swelling, resulting in accelerated recovery and reduce soreness.

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