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Gingerbread "Naslada" 0.75 lb/ 340 g
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Gingerbread "Naslada" 0.75 lb/ 340 g


Small curly gingerbread with lots of sugar, spices and ginger.

Pryanik (which can be literally translated as “spice-cake” and more often as “gingerbread”, although it rarely includes ginger) is a confectionery baked using a special dough, which is achieved by combining a large amount of sugar, honey and spices. 
Pryaniki are usually made in the form of small thick flat cakes coated with pastry glaze. Nuts, candied fruits, raisins, fruit or berry jam can be added to the dough for taste.
Gingerbread "Ginger" - flavored gingerbread with a lot of sugar, spices and ginger. 
No palm oil, no margarine, no GMO, no flavorings natural spices.

We make our gingerbread according to the traditional home recipe, no preservatives, flavorings and palm oil. 
Our gingerbread cookies are especially delicious with a cup of freshly brewed tea!
Gingerbread, fragrant tea, family and friends-a recipe for a wonderful tea party! "Naslada" - the joy of being together!
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