Russian-style Handicrafts

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Sonnet Synthetic Brush Set №3
Sonnet Synthetic Brush Set №3
Sonnet Synthetic Brush Set №4
Sale- 33 %
Waterbrush with Tank (reservoir), round tip, No. 2
Waterbrush with Tank (reservoir), round tip, No. 2
Matryoshkas and Hedgehog Painting by Numbers Coloring Kit
only 1 in stock
Sale- 25 %
Singing Matryoshkas Painting by Numbers Coloring Kit

Russian-style handicraft are well known worldwide

Handicrafts of Russia have always been rich in distinctive folk arts and crafts. They are rooted in old traditions of family handiwork and country handicrafts.

Later there appeared cottage crafts working for the market, along with private workshops. The late 19th- early 20th century saw the revival of folk useful arts, with the policy of contrasting them with mass industrial production of household items. Some arts and crafts in Russia are developing with support of the state today:

  • Gzhel
  • Palekh
  • Zhostovo Painting
  • Khokhloma
  • Matryoshka (Nesting Doll)

The contemporary Russian culture is unique that it simultaneously sustains age-old folk and crafts and modem art trends, which stem from and develop folk traditions. Craftsmen are manufacturing folk toys in traditional styles and materials while the best custom-made toys car regarded as masterpieces of modern art.

But what if you try to make a piece of art in Russian style with your own hands? This is a wonderful pastime for the whole family! Will you be able to paint a Matryoshka, a Russian souvenir, paint a picture in watercolor in the Russian style? You have to try!

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  • Watercolor Paint
  • Hedgehog Painting by Numbers
  • Painting by Numbers
  • Traditional Matryoshka Art Kit
  • Decorative Handmade Wooden Gold Fish

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