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German Salami with Pepper, 1 lb
German Salami with Pepper, 1 lb
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German Salami with Pepper, 1 lb
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German Salami with Pepper, 1 lb

Brand: EHMER


German Salami with Pepper is made with high-quality meat, has minimal fat content and features a fragrant bouquet of spices.

Salami is a type of cured sausage consisting of fermented and air-dried meat, typically pork.
Historically, salami was popular among southern, eastern, and central European peasants because it can be stored at room temperature for up to 40 days once cut, supplementing a potentially meager or inconsistent supply of fresh meat.
Countries and regions across Europe make their own traditional varieties of salami.

German salami is a unique product with an exquisite and delicate taste, which can rightly be called a modern classic.
Selected minced pork, mixed with the smallest pieces of bacon.
It's great for making pizzas or sandwiches.
Salami is worth buying, because natural high-quality meat was used for its preparation.
Dense consistency, pleasant brackish taste and a light spicy aroma - so turned out the final product.
The product is made of low-fat pork.
Raw smoked sausage has a beautiful clear cut pattern, thanks to the finely grainy spico and the traditional aroma of smoking on natural sawdust. Sausage has a slightly sharp, bracky taste, and characteristic for Salami sourness.

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A delicacy without a doubt!!

Excellent flavor. the casing is not easy to remove cleanly from the sausage and I wish the pepper chunks were larger.

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